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Nation's Top QB is Committed to FSU

No, this is not a commitment story. Just a mere reminder, as it would seem that both the typical recruiting season chaos and the fanatical nature of college football in the home state of Jameis Winston have led to the expected conjecture and rumors of his commitment to Florida State being "shaky" and "tenuous" at best. For the most part, this type of thing is not unique in recruiting and most of the people reading this know that. Speculation in Winston's case is a bit more circus like because it is becoming more apparent that members of Alabama media cannot even fathom the possibility that his commitment to Florida State is real. The video below is a recap of the Mississipi vs. Alabama All-Star game, in which several of the big time Alabama high school players are interviewed, including FSU commit Alphonse Taylor. The 1:10 mark of the video is where Jameis Winston is interviewed. Take a listen to the question asked at the 1:23 mark.


"When do you expect you'll make a decision?" Um...what? Jameis Winston made a decision to commit to Florida State on ESPN back in August. But again, this is the nature of recruiting and with so many "sources" and people with platforms to rake up panic and excitement among fanbases, these types of things will continue to happen between now and National Signing Day, so Seminole fans should just sit back and be prepared. The most recent comments from Winston and his father have reaffirmed his commitment to FSU, but that will not stop speculation and rumors. As many of you, who follow recruiting from year to year are aware, there are plenty of examples in which a top recruit is flipped from one school to another, so the last thing I would do is make it seem as if losing a commitment is outside of the realm of possibility. What I will say is that at this point in time, Florida State's biggest concern in regards to Jameis Winston is likely the MLB draft. He has not done or said anything throughout the process that would imply wavering. FSU has done a great job recruiting him for both football and baseball and ultimately this will be too much for other schools to overcome in my opinion.

As for his play on the field, I think there are a few misconceptions about the type of player he is. I've had several twitter conversations with people who are under the impression that Winston is an athlete that runs around in an attempt to play QB. I suppose that is understandable, as there are plenty of guys who can run, but struggle passing. Jameis Winston is not one of those guys. Prior to this year's playoffs, Winston went 126/178 passing for 1,753 yards, 23 touchdown passes and just one interception. There is a reason he is so highly coveted and will continue to be recruited until the last hour. Seminole fans, be grateful because this guy is legitimately special. Check out some of his SENIOR HIGHLIGHTS HERE.