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Ryan Green Scouting Report | Recruiting

Ryan Green Scouting Report

RB, 5'10 195 lbs.

2011 Stats: 115 carries 1268 yards 16 Touchdowns (4 kickoff return touchdowns)


* Straight line speed

* Acceleration

* Top shelf athleticism for the running back position


* In line running skills

* Ability to generate yards after contact 

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Green is a back who is thought of first and foremost as a homerun threat. However, as he moves up to the collegiate level, many other variables will have to be taken into account in order to project what his overall consistency as a ball carrier will be. Now, Green is a true “two stepper”, a player that possesses the ability to get to top speed almost instantly. Green maximizes this attribute by using little wasted motion in the backfield, identifying creases, and then using his superior burst to accelerate through the hole and into the second level. Green's long speed is evident in the way he is able to consistently stride past defenders in the open field giving up nary a step once ahead of them. Now Green is elusive, but not a 'dancer' so to speak. He uses sudden changes of direction to elude pursuers at the second level or front seven defenders who have beaten the blocks of his offensive linemen and have penetrated into the backfield. Physically, Green has a compact frame and a powerful looking lower half, but runs upright and presents too big of a target for defenders, making him more susceptible to injury or wearing down during the course of a game from too many direct shots. Also, Green needs to do a better job of running behind his pads in order to generate the necessary leg drive needed to gain yards after contact. Development in this particular aspect of his game can do a lot in determining whether he can be a true “load” back or more of a rotational type of runner. Now, Green has a tendency to reverse field in an attempt to rip off huge gains but will need to stay more disciplined in college as the speed advantage he currently possesses in high school will be reduced significantly at the FBS level. He will need to adjust to this by pressing the play side hole first, then cutting backside only when defenders have lost their gap integrity (Which requires patience that younger backs take time to develop). Otherwise, he needs to stay play side and simply take the yards that are available. There is no doubt in his ability to make this adjustment as even now he shows an uncanny ability to press the edge, stick his foot in the ground, and quickly accelerate past the inside shoulder of over pursuing defenders.