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Snaer Shines in the Spotlight | Basketball

Coming out of high school in 2009, Michael Snaer was one of Florida State's most highly anticipated basketball prospects in quite some time. He was regarded highly as a scorer and one of the best shooting guards in the nation in his class, receiving consistently high marks for his incredible work ethic and competitive nature.

Despite the excitement and anticipation surrounding his arrival, Snaer's first two seasons, although far from terrible, fell woefully short of the lofty expectations that were thrusted upon him early on. In Snaer's first two seasons in Garnet and Gold, the 6'5, Moreno Valley, California native would average a shade under 9 points per game and hover around 35% from deep. He was a streaky shooter and scorer, who at times seemed indecisive and uncomfortable within the FSU offense. Entering his junior season, there was plenty of buzz and talk of Snaer regaining his confidence and settling into his role as a team leader that would be able to put the Seminoles on his back and carry them to the next level. While this all sounded good, it is no surprise that some were skeptical as to how much of a difference there would be in his game.

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